About Us

Here’s what we’re all about

Hailing originally from New Zealand, owner Craden Henderson is passionate about creating spaces that are freeing and relevant to the people who inhabit them.  This passion was the basis for founding 2atara.

We’re focused on all aspects of the built environment, from planning through closeout and inspection of your finished project.

 An early estimate will ensure you understand costs of the project up front.  If we are helping you with the design aspect of the project, you will have hand sketches, image boards and/or 3D models to help move to the construction phases as efficiently as possible.

  • How we describe our projects:

    • Energy-efficient homes
    • Healthy for people and planet
    • Quality construction
    • Site friendly designs to minimize impact on the land
    • Spaces that are not just a place to sleep at night, but reflections of who you are and what you believe in
  • Types of Projects

    • Energy efficient additions
    • Remodels (residential and commercial)
    • New construction
    • Although we focus on contemporary design, we’re more than happy to integrate our design sensibilities into a more traditional client vision
  • Volunteer work

    2atara volunteers with a number of local organizations, such as Friends of the Farms and KiDiMu.  If you’re interested in having our assistance with pro bono efforts, we’d love to chat with you.