Remarkable Eco-Friendly Residence Now Available for Discerning Buyers

Now for sale on the real estate market, 2atara presents this one-of-a-kind contemporary spec house designed for sustainability. Crafted with unparalleled precision by the visionary owner of 2atara, Craden Henderson, this exquisite property seamlessly blends modern luxury with environmental responsibility. Nestled within the tranquility of a 2.5-acre natural oasis, this residence boasts a unique New Zealand-inspired glass treehouse structure adorned with a vibrant green roof.

Spanning 2600 sq. ft., this thoughtfully designed home comprises a 3-bedroom main house, complete with flexible living spaces and a well-appointed office. But that’s not all – an innovative 468 sq. ft. guesthouse ingeniously resides within a stilted shipping container, adding to the property’s allure.

This eco-conscious masterpiece adheres to LEED Gold standards, setting a new benchmark for sustainable living. With water-saving fixtures, energy-efficient systems, and an advanced solar array, this home is a testament to environmental responsibility. Its south-facing windows are strategically positioned to harness abundant sunlight, providing a net-zero living experience. Don’t miss your chance to own a home that offers both luxurious living and a brighter, greener future.

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Celebrating 2atara’s 10 Year Anniversary!

Join us in celebrating a decade of innovation as 2atara design+construction celebrates their 10th anniversary.  We are thrilled to invite you to an exclusive preview of our latest achievement – an exquisite, sustainably focused contemporary spec house designed and built with utmost precision by the 2atara team.

Custom designed by 2atara owner Craden Henderson, this home  seamlessly merges with its 2.5-acre surroundings, featuring a New Zealand-inspired glass treehouse structure with a green roof. This 2600 sq. ft. home includes a 3-bedroom main house, with flex space, and office. An innovative 468 sq. ft. guesthouse resides within a stilted shipping container.

Built to LEED Gold standards, this home embodies sustainability with water-saving fixtures, energy-efficient systems, and a solar array. Enjoy net-zero living through south-facing windows, capturing ample sunlight.

Join us on September 16th, from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM, at 9822 Hilltop Drive NE Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 for this architectural marvel’s exclusive preview. RSVP HERE.  See you there!

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A fusion of visionary design and contemporary construction

Our newly completed Manitou Residence embraces a fusion of visionary design and contemporary construction practices. This innovative single-family residence on Skiff Point, Bainbridge Island, offers 3,329 SF of living space across two levels, alongside an alluring ADU. Working with Architect and homeowner, Adin Dunning of Studio Bracket, 2atara built the residence seamlessly integrating cutting-edge materials with sustainable building innovations.
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2atara Unveils Cutting-Edge Office Transformation: Repurposed Warehouse Transformed into a Sustainable and Stylish Workspace

Presenting our innovative newest office transformation, where we creatively repurposed an old warehouse to build our own contemporary space. The interior was organized around long view sheds, emphasizing openness and cohesion. A neutral color palette makes the area appear larger and fresher. The project consolidated storage spaces, added a workshop, and brings improved parking for clients. Notably, the office benefits from a large insulated garage door, as well as the incorporation of recycled glass elements, further enhancing sun exposure, energy efficiency, and sustainable design practices. Platforms for offices and a loft space create an illusion of spaciousness. This project is a demonstration of 2atara’s creativity and commitment to building functional and inspiring spaces. From the sustainable repurposing of the warehouse to the strategic organization of the interior, every aspect of this project showcases our passion for exceptional design. The result is a modern, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing office that embodies our values and vision for the company.

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From Insulation to Accent Colors: Latest Updates on the Hilltop Design-Build Project

Construction on the Hilltop Design-Build project continues to make remarkable progress. The main house has reached several significant milestones in the last few weeks, including the completion of insulation and has passed all inspections to date. Drywall installation is set to commence next week. Siding work is also well underway – Hardyboard siding is being installed as a state-of-the-art rainstorm system to regulate the house’s temperature and reduce energy consumption. Fun accent colors are being selected to add a touch of personality to the project. Cutting-edge flush ceiling zoned mini splits have been installed to further enhance the home’s energy-saving features.
At the other end of the property, the ADU has been successfully finished and is ready for occupancy. A heat recovery unit has also been installed ensuring its eco-friendly operation. With each step forward, the Hilltop project continues to exemplify innovation and sustainability, bringing the vision of modern, energy-efficient living closer to reality.

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Budget-friendly redesign transforms home with practicality and elegance

This project was a fantastic collaboration with our clients, who brought many brilliant ideas to the table. They proposed a separate addition that would include a mud and laundry room, as well as remodeling the bathroom and kitchen. However, due to increased building material costs, we had to find a more feasible solution that worked within the budget. Skillfully re-designing the existing spaces, the 2atara team not only eliminated the need for an expensive addition but also managed to complete all aspects of the project within the allocated budget. The revamped home now boasts several notable features, including space-maximizing built-in cabinetry, symmetrical cabinets for a streamlined effect, and re-aligned doors that offer uninterrupted views, seamlessly blending the indoors with the outdoors. Furthermore, the primary entrance was redesigned with a concrete runway inspired by a local Bainbridge Island boardwalk, providing a natural and welcoming pathway into the residence. This project exemplifies the team’s commitment to practicality and resourcefulness in creating exceptional living spaces.

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Window-ful Progress at our Hilltop Design-Build Project

We’ve been busy with the Hilltop Design-Build Spec project, and the house is finally taking shape! This month, we hit a major milestone: the installation of the windows, bringing the structure closer to becoming a true home. This undertaking is a real passion project for us, and we’ve been putting in a lot of effort to bring our vision to life. The installation of the windows was a challenging but rewarding process, and we’re thrilled with how it’s transformed the space. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue crafting this beautiful and functional home.

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Photos by David W. Cohen Photography

2atara designs new minimal-waste chair to benefit those in need

We’ve been working on the design of a contemporary Adirondack chair here at the 2atara office. Our plan is to cut the entire chair using a C&C machine from one sheet of 4×8 plywood, aiming to minimize waste as much as possible. The chair will be delivered in a flat stack and will be easily assembled on-site. Our goal is to donate all proceeds from chair sales to a non-profit organization that helps people in need.

Reducing construction waste

Reducing construction waste is the name of the game at our Hilltop job site.  Did you know construction sites generate an estimated 600 million tons of construction and demolition waste in the United States alone? This box at the site was built to collect all wood that is able to be recycled at Tilz.  Happy Earth Day 2023!

Hilltop Project April Update

The interior of the ADU is now ready for cabinets — we used a 4’ high datum line detail in the space as a clever way to “open it up”.  Framing for the penthouse is complete so we’ll be scheduling the “topping out” party!

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Photos by David W. Cohen Photography


Framing, rails, happy floors and more…

The majority of the framing on the main house at Hilltop is now complete with roof framing currently underway. We are excited about the recycled steel mesh being used to create the rail system. Anticipating a late spring completion, the ADU is now plastered, painted and being tiled with sustainable tile products from Happy Floors.

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Photos by David W. Cohen Photography


Cantilever Raised at Hilltop

The giant cantilever is now up at our Hilltop project.  This will allow the master bedroom to look over the beautiful rain gardens and down the original World War 2 runway!  We’ve enjoyed working with Monkey Wrench Fabrications for the metal work on this project and are grateful for their creativity.  Next up is the second floor framing.

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Photos by David W. Cohen Photography