Sheridan Remodel

This contemporary bathroom remodel has a spa like feel with a fully tiled steam shower and new countertops. I can’t think of a better way to wake up on those cold mornings than a nice steam shower and heated floors!

Larix Remodel

A touch of traditional style with an elegant flair, this master bath now serves as a haven for relaxation – just as we hoped it would be! We have incorporated clean lines among the contrasting wall tile, fixtures which stand out on their own, and warm tones throughout.

Rector Remodel

Rather than adding an extra addition on the house with its added carbon footprint, 2atara squeezed a spectacular bathroom into a tiny space. With the concept of a wood box (walk-in closet) and glass box (shower) juxtaposed against each other we manipulate space. The result? A room that feels much bigger and more inviting than expected.

Henning Remodel

A sleek modern design in this bathroom helps make this it feel much larger than before. The shower is flawlessly integrated into the space through transparent glass walls and no curb to get into it. New tile and cabinets complete the space and give it a fresh new look.