Billpoint Residence

When our client first came to us they were debating a move to a bigger/more updated house that would better suit their family’s needs. But, as is so often the case they did not want to leave their neighborhood, water views and a home full of memories.  So, we went to the drawing board, side-by-side with our clients, to come up with a new layout that would open-up the tight spaces and moving walls to create key dynamic focal points of interest.  These solutions would greatly improve the overall flow of the home, while also giving it a more contemporary look & feel.

The kitchen received a massive overhaul ­– a large walk-in pantry was added, built in seating was created to foster more socializing opportunities, and a very high-end recycled subzero refrigerator was installed, after having its steel refinished.  The 2atara team was also able to come up with a creative solution to fit a large island (desired by the client) in a space that typically wouldn’t allow for such by attaching it to the existing hallway wall.

For the garage renovation, to save resources and costs, a large window was reused from another 2atara project. Insulated glass garage doors were installed to turn this space into a large flexible room that would be quiet for guests, or a space for the kids to be loud separated from the main living spaces.

Exteriors were painted, and a major deck was designed and built to tie the 2-2-story home more successfully to the site and allowing easy access down to the garden.  2atara designed the railings to be low enough so as not to obstruct views, and worked with local metal workers to fabricate them. A whimsical, custom red fireman pole was installed to provide a focal point at the edge of the deck that draws the eye out of the building and into nature.

Upon entering the home one is greeted with a beautiful large light fixture designed by well-known New Zealand artist David Trubridge, that sets the tone for this newly designed contemporary space.

What’s even better is that in a time of inventory shortages, material delays and staffing shortages, 2atara was still able to deliver a fully renovated home to these happy clients – on time and on budget.

Completed: Spring 2022
Design & Construction: 2atara