Day Road Office TI

2atara design + construction presents our latest innovative office transformation. 2atara’s new offices are situated in a repurposed old warehouse, where the interior has been thoughtfully organized around long view sheds, creating a seamless and visually connected environment. With a neutral color palette, the new space feels expansive and fresh, amplifying the overall ambiance.

The project boasts an impressive consolidation of various storage spaces into one large area, complemented by the addition of a functional workshop. This strategic arrangement enhances efficiency and convenience, while the close proximity to the cabinet shop and other amenities streamlines operations. Moreover, improved parking facilities provide our clients with a hassle-free experience.

Notably, the office benefits from abundant natural light and lovely sun exposure, thanks to the incorporation of a large insulated garage door and the re-use/recycling of various glass elements. We were able to repurpose the very large double glass doors from our last office, as well as other pieces of glass and a full glass door from past projects – all of which were incorporated into the initial design. This architectural feature not only optimizes energy efficiency but also creates a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. Innovative design choices, such as the utilization of platforms for offices and a loft space above the conference area, further enhance the office’s contemporary aesthetics while maximizing the sense of space.

This project is a demonstration of our creativity and commitment to building functional and inspiring spaces. From the sustainable repurposing of the warehouse to the strategic organization of the interior, every aspect of this project showcases our passion for exceptional design. The result is a modern, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing office that embodies our values and vision for the company.

Completed: 2023
Design & Construction: 2atara