Morse Renovation

In-need of a fairly major facelift, this modernist era waterfront home had multiple additions done to it over the years, but no real design or recent work for the last 50.

For its recent 2atara major remodel, Japanese inspired aesthetics were introduced throughout the home to give it its new look.  Low ceilings on the first floor were lifted into a cathedral with exposed steel elements to repeat designs found elsewhere in the home.

At the entrance the existing concrete flooring was ground down to expose nice aggregates and create a Japanese style recessed entry area.

In order to install the bathtub inside the shower enclosure (desired by the client) carefully thought-out waterproofing details were designed and implemented.

The central staircase was modernized by modifying existing interior handrails, and a recycled beam was used to rebuild the stairs.

In the kitchen, because of the skinny footprint of the building, upper cabinets were avoided and instead a large pantry was created that also houses the fridge, keeping things aesthetically nice and tidy.

Neutral finishes were used throughout the home to make the small spaces feel larger, and 2atara even reused existing doors and windows from another project to keep client costs down and reusable materials out of our landfills.

Completed: Completed summer 2022
Design & Construction: 2atara