Waterfront Bungalow

This 2300 sf 1964 waterfront bungalow is set to be revitalized. The renovation consists of two phases.  Currently underway, the first phase of the project, is the construction of the 200 sf boathouse with cantilevered deck over the water.  The second phase totals around 1500 sf of additional living space, and consists of two new additions. One will be for an office space situated above a new cantilevered carport, and the other is a new master and media room, to be set on pin piles in a treehouse-style.  Designing the additions for this restrictively tight site — due to the neighbors view easement — required creativity, and the result is a sophisticated wedge shape. The most fun element of the project is that these additions will be joined by a vegetated bridge designed to be covered by plants.  The owners are avid gardeners and were looking for options to raise their garden away from deer and soften the front of the structure.

Completed: Under Construction
Design & Construction: 2atara