Brilliant Bick Tiny House

Dive into the brilliance of the Bick Tiny House by 2atara! 🌿 This recently completed project is a testament to versatile design, where a former music studio has been artfully transformed into a compact haven. Boasting a kitchenette, snug bedroom, loft space, and a flexible artist workspace—all cleverly optimized with Scandinavian modern elegance and clear maple accents—the Bick Tiny House is a visual delight. A custom-designed maple bed adds an intriguing spatial element, offering a direct view out the window, while floor-to-ceiling windows and strategically placed cubes play with scale to enhance the sense of space. The bathroom, with its unique bamboo cabinet detail within a large mirror, cleverly augments the perception of space. Sustainability takes center stage with a mini-split heat pump, making this Winter 2023 remodel a shining example of thoughtful design choices that have magically transformed a once-underutilized space into a resourceful retreat.

Learn more and view photos about this fun project here.