Hidden Elegance: The Perfect Murphy Bed Solution

Check out our innovative Murphy bed design in the Pt White Remodel! This 2269 sq. ft beachfront home, originally built in 1990 by a renowned local architect, was all about blending style and functionality. The 2atara team transformed the TV room by cleverly integrating a hidden Murphy bed, preserving the room’s sleek look while providing versatile space for guests. At 2atara, we respect architectural heritage while infusing modern touches, ensuring these significant homes are preserved and cherished.

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Architectural Gem Renewed

Reviving a piece of architectural history was the goal when 2atara took on this remodel of a stunning 2269 sq. ft beachfront home built in 1990 by a renowned local architect. The house featured a unique layout with a runway effect from the entrance to the beach, but obstructed views and cramped spaces left room for improvement. The brief was to open up the living/kitchen space into an open floorplan, allowing seamless views from the entrance to the water. A beautiful dining table was placed to assist the line of sight while also enhancing the connection with the outdoors.

In the kitchen, we meticulously matched the existing fur cabinets and added new ones to maintain the original aesthetic. Cabinets were repurposed and redesigned to optimize functionality while respecting the architect’s vision. The house’s iconic 6’8” datum line guided our design decisions, ensuring harmony throughout.

We relocated the master bedroom to capture the best ocean views and cleverly integrated a hidden Murphy bed in the TV room, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

Throughout this project, it was imperative to us that we preserve the essence of the original architect’s intent while blending our own modern touches. Here at 2atara, we strive to protect these historically significant homes from demolition by updating them for contemporary living without compromising their integrity.

Rejuvenating ’92: Design Divine and True

Experience modern elegance with our recent renovation of a 1992 mid-century home. Focused on the kitchen and bathrooms, we employed innovative solutions to revamp the spaces while preserving their original charm. In the bathrooms, we tackled the challenge of renovation without complete overhaul. A clever solution involved creating a steel picture frame to drop the tub into, allowing us to avoid replacing all the existing tile. Refreshing all cabinets and countertops, we maintained a cohesive aesthetic throughout. The kitchen underwent a full transformation with a new  island that features a “massive” cantilevered counter, supported by a complex steel structure. In the space, our aim was to enhance functionality while preserving a sense of lightness.  We achieved this through thoughtful design choices and the addition of extra counter space. Collaborating with a local artist, we infused personality with whimsical wallpaper. Our commitment to seamless integration is evident in the use of contemporary veneers that blend seamlessly with the home’s original aesthetic. Beyond interiors, we added a playful sitting tensile net to the outdoor deck for recreation and new cable wire rail system to open up the view. At 2atara design + construction, we deliver transformative design solutions that marry function with style.

Marvelous Modern Mahin

Transforming a 70-year-old home into a modern masterpiece! Our clients entrusted us with their eclectic taste, blending 50’s charm with edgy contemporary design. We seamlessly integrated found objects and original wood to create a curated blend of old and new. From mapping dead spaces to repurposing corridors into bathrooms, every inch was optimized for efficiency and innovation. Our kitchen design pushed boundaries with a sleek recessed exhaust hood, maximizing space without sacrificing style. At 2atara design + construction, we honor the past while embracing the future with transformative design solutions.

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Stunning Hilltop Home Featured in The Week!

Wow, our Hilltop home is featured in The Week! Explore more about 2atara’s architectural gem in the article “6 Refreshing Homes on Islands“. Located on Bainbridge Island, nestled in the historic Fort Ward area, the home offers LEED gold-certified design, organic modern interiors, wide-plank light-wood floors, a rooftop terrace, and oversize windows with leafy views. And don’t forget the tiny house-inspired guesthouse in a converted shipping container. Read the full article here

See the full listing here from Windermere Managing Broker Sarah Sydor.

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Brilliant Bick Tiny House

Dive into the brilliance of the Bick Tiny House by 2atara! 🌿 This recently completed project is a testament to versatile design, where a former music studio has been artfully transformed into a compact haven. Boasting a kitchenette, snug bedroom, loft space, and a flexible artist workspace—all cleverly optimized with Scandinavian modern elegance and clear maple accents—the Bick Tiny House is a visual delight. A custom-designed maple bed adds an intriguing spatial element, offering a direct view out the window, while floor-to-ceiling windows and strategically placed cubes play with scale to enhance the sense of space. The bathroom, with its unique bamboo cabinet detail within a large mirror, cleverly augments the perception of space. Sustainability takes center stage with a mini-split heat pump, making this Winter 2023 remodel a shining example of thoughtful design choices that have magically transformed a once-underutilized space into a resourceful retreat.

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Refined Real Estate: Shipping containers create modern masterpiece on Bainbridge Island

Thrilled to see our exceptional Hilltop home featured in Seattle Refined.  Here is what they had to say:

“Shipping containers are a common sight on Puget Sound waters, freighting cargo to and from Seattle. But what’s unique is to see shipping containers transformed into high-end living quarters, like this modern property on Bainbridge Island. The main steel and glass home offers 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with loads of sunlight streaming through, perfect for solar-charged and sustainable living. A clever upper outdoor living space is the perfect spot to relax and impress your guests. The accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a private and elevated shipping container with a modern kitchen and bathroom and cozy sleeping nook. This one-of-a-kind PNW gem is situated on 2.52 acres and priced at $2,440,000.”

See the full listing here from Windermere Managing Broker Sarah Sydor.

Learn more and view photos about this innovative design-build project.

Transformative Harmony: The Campbell Remodel – A Tale of Style, Functionality, and Collaboration

The vision for this remodel was to transform the owners home into a space that would better reflect their unique style and lifestyle. From a California-inspired screened porch addition to a chic music studio shed build-out, the 2atara team put their skills to work to bring a new contemporary flair to these spaces. The exterior got a facelift, and the dated kitchen now seamlessly integrates with the dining/living areas. Large Trubridge light fixtures shine as focal points, creating an indoor/outdoor aesthetic. This project showcases the transformative power of collaboration between visionary clients and dedicated professionals, resulting in a home that reflects the unique tastes and desires of our clients while achieving a harmonious blend of style and functionality.


Creating Connection with Style: 2atara’s Regency Office Transformation

2atara’s goal for the Regency Office TI on Bainbridge Island was to create a feeling of connection and a seamless indoor/outdoor experience, vital for a client whose primary office is in Hawaii. Within a LEED certified building with radiant concrete floors, innovative interior-design blends the industrial metal structure with moved walls and captivating sightlines.

An accent wall designed by Abnormals Anonymous, a local wallpaper artist, infuses artistic flair. Metal countertops reflect the building’s ambiance, creating cohesion. The clever kitchen counter design running through the floor to ceiling windows connects indoor and outdoor elements, while antique surfboards nod to Hawaii’s influence.

Relaxation space with rock-like pillows and visual ceiling continuity from outside the office into the conference room add character & additional connection. Thoughtful blinds strike a balance between outdoor views and blocking harsh sunlight.

Throughout this project, the accommodating and friendly clients contributed to a collaborative masterpiece that seamlessly blends style and functionality.

Office TI – Where Design Meets Sustainability

Join us in a moment of reflection as we revisit another contemporary office build-out by 2atara where design meets sustainability seamlessly. 🌿 From the moment you step inside, you’ll find a space that breathes innovation and creativity, while staying true to eco-conscious principles.  Here is a visual journey of the space.