Creating Connection with Style: 2atara’s Regency Office Transformation

2atara’s goal for the Regency Office TI on Bainbridge Island was to create a feeling of connection and a seamless indoor/outdoor experience, vital for a client whose primary office is in Hawaii. Within a LEED certified building with radiant concrete floors, innovative interior-design blends the industrial metal structure with moved walls and captivating sightlines.

An accent wall designed by Abnormals Anonymous, a local wallpaper artist, infuses artistic flair. Metal countertops reflect the building’s ambiance, creating cohesion. The clever kitchen counter design running through the floor to ceiling windows connects indoor and outdoor elements, while antique surfboards nod to Hawaii’s influence.

Relaxation space with rock-like pillows and visual ceiling continuity from outside the office into the conference room add character & additional connection. Thoughtful blinds strike a balance between outdoor views and blocking harsh sunlight.

Throughout this project, the accommodating and friendly clients contributed to a collaborative masterpiece that seamlessly blends style and functionality.