Eiler Bridge Project

Here is a great example of the type of architectural concrete work we love doing in our Eiler Bridge project. A fun new entrance to this lovely waterfront house will help anchor it to the site.  Work underway also includes bathroom remodels and some exciting sleeping lofts for the kids.

Euclid Remodel Complete

Located on the water this lovely home required some strategic updating.  Working with the concept of openness and flexibility the downstairs was transformed into a media room, gym, and guests bedroom with a large glass sliding wall. The kitchen remodel then pushed and pulled spatial relationships through color to transform it into a large open airy space.

Bathroom remodel, Crystal Springs Bainbridge Island

Rather than adding an extra addition on the house with its added carbon footprint, 2atara squeezed a spectacular bathroom into a tiny space.  With the concept of a wood box (walk-in closet) and glass box (shower) juxtaposed against each other, we manipulate space.  The result?  A room that feels much bigger and more inviting than expected.

Hackenberg Remodel is now complete

Nestled on the banks of the Port Townsend Sound, this artist’s studio provides unusually flexible working spaces for the artist.  With giant insulated barn doors that open onto glass covered canopies, any painting experience can be created.  On the inside, custom designed steel pulley loft winches, rolling ladder, and clamping systems provide the artist room for real magic to take place.

Brady Art Studio Addition


Addition over an existing garage

Drywall is in and the space is really starting to come together! Next up is flooring, cabinets and fixtures!

Larouse Arbor – Grow Community


2atara owner, Craden Henderson worked on the master plan for the Grow Community project when working for Asani LLC.  Now with 2atara we’re still doing some work on the project such as the yellow tensile canvas cover and trellis in the center of this image.

Click here to learn more about this unique One Planet Community

Sheridan Bathroom

This contemporary bathroom remodel has a spa like feel with a fully tiled steam shower and new countertops. I can’t think of a better way to wake up on those cold mornings than a nice steam shower and heated floors!

Henning Bathroom Remodel

A sleek modern design in this bathroom helps make this it feel much larger than before. The shower is flawlessly integrated into the space through transparent glass walls and no curb to get into it. New tile and cabinets complete the space and give it a fresh new look.

Trimble Sunroom Complete

Ale House Update 6.24.14

Tenant improvements at the new Alehouse on Winslow Way have everyone who passes by stopping for a stare. A sleek modern design coupled with industrial finishes give this Alehouse that feel of a functioning brewery while providing patrons with the comforts of the community local pub.

Wilson Indoor Pool and Patio Project Update 4.1.14