Azalea Renovation

This beautiful 70s home on Wing Point Golf Course was a joy to work on. Primarily a cosmetic renovation of the kitchen and bathrooms, the 2atara team also worked on creating more effective lines of sight throughout the home. By relocating some doors and windows, 2atara provided improved views out to the Golf Course. An upstairs loft space, with nice separation from the rest of the house was also renovated into a very hip home office.

Working within the constraints of a tight budget, the 2atara team came up with some very creative ways to cut costs for the homeowners. The old wood burning stove was removed and instead of also removing and dumping the chimney, the cavity was carefully repurposed as a window seat nook – keeping unnecessary construction waste out of the landfills.

As with all 2atara projects, sustainable technology and materials were introduced, including water saving toilets, low VOC paints and a sustainably focused tile company named Happy Floors was hired for the flooring. Sustainable Thermory decking was installed which is made from fast growing abundant Ash trees – a softwood that is baked 3 times to blacken and transform into a strong and durable material, it does not need painting and will not need maintenance during its long lifetime. Corten steel was used to create a beautiful planter along the length of the home, also requiring no painting or maintenance.

With very little work done to the home over the last 30 years this makeover was an extraordinary success.

Introducing our one of a kind Hilltop Home

We are excited to announce our exquisite Hilltop Home. Inspired to create spaces that improve the health and well-being of the residents through connection with the environment, Craden Henderson, owner of 2atara designed this mid-century modern gem to give residents ample opportunity to live sustainably within nature. The sunny 2.5 acre property sits on the hill just above the Historic Fort Ward neighborhood.  The complex consists of a 2600sf 3 bedroom, 3 bath + flex main house and office – both with separate entrances for true live/work. There is also a 468sf guesthouse inserted into a stilted shipping container.  Built to LEED Gold standards, this home will employ the latest building technologies, materials and processes, with a focus on sustainable solutions.  Constructed by the 2atara team, once complete the home will be a true in-house labor of love.

This home will be available for pre-sale and construction is anticipated for late 2021.   Learn more here.

Irene Place Remodel

2atara successfully breathed new life into this mid-century modern waterfront home located near the Bainbridge ferry terminal.  The home underwent a major upgrade and the addition of a metal studio for the owner who is a RISDI graduate and metal sculptor.  Working with clients that contribute their skills is what makes a project really worthwhile.  This remodel has been a fantastic collaboration, bringing numerous unique steel elements to the home, including horizontal Corten steel siding, and metal eyebrows around windows and doors.  See more photos here.

LEED Gold Certification for Crystal Springs House

We are thrilled to announce that 2atara’s Crystal Springs remodel has received the prestigious recognition of LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a globally recognized symbol of excellence in green building. LEED certification ensures electricity cost savings, lower carbon emissions and healthier environments where people live, work, learn, play and worship.

The 2320 sf early 1900s home on Crystal Springs, Bainbridge Island was designed by Islander Adin Dunning of Studio Bracket, and the sustainably remodel was a privilege to work on.

Buildings are responsible for an enormous amount of global energy use, resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and have a significant impact on our personal health and well-being. Green buildings allow us to live and work more sustainably in ways you can experience – in your health, the air you breathe, the water you drink. They offer us a better quality of life, while also lowering global carbon emissions, reducing electricity and water bills, and creating new green jobs.

As a certified LEED AP, 2atara’s owner Craden Henderson was able to guide the projects construction to its LEED Gold certification.

“4050 Crystal Spring’s LEED Gold certification demonstrates tremendous green building leadership,” said Mahesh Ramanujam, president and CEO, USGBC. “LEED was created to make the world a better place and revolutionize our buildings and communities by providing everyone with access to healthy, green and high performing buildings. 4050 Crystal Springs is a prime example of how the innovative work of project teams can create local solutions that contribute to making a global difference.”

Given the extraordinary importance of climate protection and the central role buildings play in that effort, Crystal Springs is creating a path forward through their LEED certification. Learn more about the innovative technology and techniques that were used in making this healthy home receive its’ second life – a far more sustainable one here.

Congratulations to our clients and to to our partners that worked on this project with us!

Marvelously Monumental

We love this chair — it shows great evidence of seeing the world through a different lens with a distinct interpretation of “monumental”

Whimsical Winslow Residence

Renovating this family home in Winslow was a fun and creative project for all involved. Bright splashes of color and whimsical wallpaper from Hygge & Wes helped add more life to this already uniquely designed home. The project consisted of the renovation of their 3 bathrooms and kitchen which we procured contemporary wall hung cabinets for added savings. High tech efficient European style hydronic wall heaters, including a bight red one, were installed in the bathrooms and kitchen. We even helped crane a hot tub onto the roof of this 4 story home — that was an exciting day.

A sculpture or a building?

We are big fans of this beautiful architecture. Look how the pixilated voids randomly placed make it appear like a sculpture rather than a building — very cool.

Corten Steel Siding at Irene Place

Our Irene Place remodel is in the process of getting its new corten steel siding installed. You can see the pieces laying in the yard for intentional weathering. It’s an impressive product we are excited to use, as the oxidization process protects it from further rusting and will not require maintenance like most siding.  It’s a great product for those who aren’t interested in re-painting their homes every 5-10 years.  Learn more about this extensive remodel near the Bainbridge Ferry terminal here.


WOW! Italian artist Peeta combines elements of graffiti and abstract art to paint murals on buildings like this one that play tricks on the eyes as the image appears to morph and dissolve the structure depending on ones viewing angle. So inspiring! See more of his work here:

Schel Chelb Home

We are excited to share these beautiful photos of our recently completed Schel Chelb home.  We enjoyed working with BC&J Architects and their fantastic design sensibilities on this project. The new 2900 sf home boasts innovative clear story spaces with beautiful vaulted ceilings.  Impressive cantilevered steel canopies and picture framed windows help give the home it’s contemporary Scandinavian schoolhouse look.  Built to LEED standards with high-end materials throughout, and extremely energy-efficient plumbing fixtures and HVAC system, this home is another testament to sustainability.

New boathouse from the water

The first phase of our Waterfront Bungalow project, the construction of the 200 sf boathouse with cantilevered deck over the water is coming along nicely, as seen in this photo taken from the water earlier today. Learn more about what is planned for this unique design/build renovation by 2atara here.

Konieczny’s Ark

Konieczny’s Ark is an architectural feat by Polish Architects KWK Promes.  This concrete home looks as if a piece of furniture was picked up and placed in the South Polish landscape.  Learn more about this architectural masterpiece here